A Webpage to help with the choice of an Internet Domain Name.

All Internet Domain Names are globally unique and the registration of a name in any registry is a means of declaring publicly that the registrant has had a 'creative moment'. For a relatively small fee to the pertinent registry, an individual can possess the right to the exclusive use of the assembled ASCII characters that make up the name for an agreed period of time. 

Many people believe that the choice of a Domain Name is critical to the future success of their enterprise, whether commercial, artistic or informational. Many domains have been registered purely for their perceived intrinsic value and do not transport visitors to pertinent content. Others, like www.z.com simply redirect to the registrant's actual Website.

There are a large number of domain name sellers able to submit a name to the relevant registry in a timely manner. These competing entities invariable offer a range of associated services that enable a customer to make full use of their newly registered domain name or their existing domain being transferred from a competing seller.

Apart from the maintenance of the public record held by the relevant registry, a domain name seller will be able to illustrate the reasons why the associated services offered are likely to be useful to the domain name registrant. The sending and receiving of email; the opportunity for publishing information; and the means for ensuring security.  more...

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A fast Internet connection is quickly becoming an essential element of any business plan.

The ability to support a telephone conversation with a powerful descriptive illustration is indispensable to the communication process.

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Most would agree that globally, the US Dollar is the accepted currency of choice.
Having the ability to make a cash payment to secure a contractual agreement is a powerful method for achieving a quick business decision.

My personal experience is that for transfers of small amounts of cash, PayPal's charges are significantly less than those of some High Street Banks.

Currency Exchange Rates are also relatively competitive...

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The rest of this explanation was first published on Friday, 16th June 2006. It appeared in printed format on the reverse of a Webpage, created on 4th April 2006, that contained a schedule of Networking and Learning Events for April-June 2006. That Webpage was last updated on 21st June 2006 and is published at www.A4M.info/events/060621.htm, for reference.

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